Flow in trick creation

So, I know a lot of people tend to talk about how long it takes players to create their tricks, but to me, the flow of the trick is much more important than the trick itself. So I was wondering, since (at least in my opinion) that you’re one of the competitors with the best flow, how much time you use on making your tricks flow well, compared to how long it takes to create the tricks? And is there any tricks you’ve made that you really enjoy doing, but don’t use in competitions, since you don’t feel like the flow is right yet?


Also it would be interesting to see how complete and refined a trick or concept has to be before you would consider posting it on Instagram vs. using it in a promotional video vs. using it in a competition.


I totally agree with you! I think flow is much more important to making a good looking trick than anything else! To answer your questions, I must spend about 50% of my time working on flow when I’m creating a trick. The other 50% is spent working on the elements of the trick and making sure the mechanics work well together.

There are so many tricks that I don’t do in competitions, but usually the reason for leaving them out isn’t flow related because all my tricks flow pretty well :P.

Oh btw, I’m super modest. Like the most modest dude in the universe.


Oh, I can see how there’s some tricks you would rather leave out, because of clicks and such. Thanks for the answer!