How long till you could flow?


How long did it take until you could just throw and combine random tricks without worrying about missing? How long till you could just flow?

(major_seventh) #2

Quite a bit of time (I guarantee you I’m still working on my style). You can never practice enough! Even the pros.


I think about 2 years.


'Bout half a year. When I got the Summit, it skyrocketed



If you want to speed up the process pick up something with a small gap and responsiveness like a Renegade. Once you’re hitting your tricks on that you’ll be able to flow a lot better.


I would say until you have a good arsenal of tricks for me maybe like at the 6 month stage I could just go from trick to trick easily


have been yoyoing for 6 years but I don’t really consider myself throw a trick that really flow. :-[


Few years


Took me about 4 months. I guess it depends on how often you throw and how easy it is for you learn new things.


8 years and I still can’t flow. :-[


3 months in…

(UmeNagisa) #12

Well my journey has been weird, I started off doing the very, basic generic “japanese” tech, so all of my tricks flowed together pretty easily due to using only 1.5 mounts, double or nothings, houdinis and the Mach mount. I had about maybe, 10-20 combos? Maybe more since you could do a LOT by finding ways to lead into each of the mounts the the previous ones.

Then I got to a point where my tricks got a bit more, complicated but not exactly creative. Sorta like, a more bland Jensen style (as in I was more band, not Jensen. Jensen is awesome). This made it a bit harder to find flow as the tricks didn’t fit together without a sort of transition mount. For this I just tried to end tricks in trapeze and then use a more buddhas revenge sort of thing from that or could fusion for that matter. Finding good transitions is key.

And Currently, I stopped with long combos and flowyness all together to be honest. I like doing really weirdly creative, not necessarily short, but not really combos. I work on individual tricks more so than on combos. To get these to really have a smooth polish, I use regenerations in a very… for a lack of better word, Fancy way. I try to not use the same regenerations, I tend to be a bit more focused on creating new ones constantly. Very Petr Kavka sort of style regens. Either that or I just throw a follow combo to hidamasa/brent stole and a LOT of my tricks start with that GT or that Hook mount.
Come to think of it, The jade Whip mount is also a very used entry of mine. So I guess try and base your tricks to end in a very versatile mount, that way you can very easily move to another trick seamlessly!

Hopefully that wasn’t too boring to read :slight_smile:


I do not flow.


It has been a process for me. I agree with other people in about 6 months depending on your arsenal. I can’t “flow” like I want to. But I love doing combos such as a spirit bomb, to skin the gerbil, jade whip…etc

Actually, now that I’m typing this, I guess I am just at a basic combo stage more than a flow stage. I learned all technical tricks first and JUST now started to learn my whips other than plastic whip. I think the technical tricks helped improve my throw and technique, and I really think now that I am advancing to my whip stage, my “flow” or combos will become much more fun and better.


It was about 8 months for me


6 months but I need to really hone my edges with tricks that I already know. I am in the advanced part 2 and expert sections so I am just combining Split Bottom, and 1.5, 2.0 mount tricks.