I wonder How?

Evan, you are one of the best 1A players in the world. How come can you create some extreme tricks, bangers, etc.? How did you actually create every single one of them??
Hope you win world18. Fighto!!

This is such a tough question to answer because each of my tricks was created differently. If I had to answer generally, though, over the years and years I’ve been playing, most of my tricks came from seeing a different trick and thinking “man, that trick would be so much better if done this way”, and then coming to find out that I could actually do it the way I thought of. Most of the time, I’d have that thought, and realize that the trick I imagined was truly impossible, but every so often, I’d find that the trick I imagined was not only possible, but actually could be done consistently if practiced enough. Those are the tricks that have ended up in my routines.

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