How do you do andres trapeze dismount?


i was watching the buddhas revenge yoyo tutorial and i was wondering how to do it?


I advise against it. In those days he played a semi-responsive yoyo. That bind is a false bind going against the proper spin direction for a bind. It will still bind because there’s enough string being fed into the gap, especially for a semi-responsive yoyo.

But if you watch the videos, you’ll see that he has to “clear” the snag a lot after a bind. We all do, even with proper binds. But the odds of getting a snag are really high with this kind of false bind.

There are lots of binds that are just as cool looking but are reliable.


Thanks for the response Do you know where I can find another good looking bind?


Brandon Vu just posted a tutorial to a pair of stylish binds. Scour the usual tutorial sites and YouTube and you’ll find bunches of them. The most definitive collection that more or less goes from easier to most difficult is the series of 3 bind videos by Slusny. They’re on YouTube somewhere.


It’s Slusny Alternative Binds


the video series of those binds are very useful videos, ive watched them repetitively, and have learned tons of binds, but the snag of the “boulay bind” is very true, if you ever try it, just do a simple front throw to check the snag b4 you continue, the bind does work,but like 40% of the time. and can get alil dangerous dependent on string tension.