How do YOU convince YOUR family to take you to Yo-Yo contests? | HELP go 2 SER.

I need ideas pls!

not sure if the “it’s better than drugs” response is still standard but if so give that one a shot

Based on your recent posts sounds like you wanna go and compete at Nationals :wink:

you’re my favorite

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ya that is my goal. i am planning on going to SER and try to qualify.

do you think this could be possible?

Funny enough thats my goal too :smiley:
As for qualifying, if you’re not from the Southeast that means placing top 5…I mean its definitely a possibility with the tricks I’ve seen from you, but I would start building that freestyle right about now :wink:

Take the car and go. JK. Beg or work really hard for it.

cool. even though im not sure im going, i am already working on my freestyle. lol

are u going?

Getting to a local contest should be trivial. Going to a regional or the nats is harder if you don’t live near by. Correct me if I’m wrong, but why SER? That seems to be across the country from you, which if I were a parent I would balk at as well unless you are some sort of a phenom.

I’m pretty much guaranteed to go to SER since I live right next to Atlanta

ok i got an idea. if i coul get as many people to write a little note asking my mom to take me to SER. And then show her all of them, im 99% sure that that will help make up her mind about it.

so if u r reading this please take the time to reply with a short note for my mom (Jen)

thank you so much!

Dear Jen,

You should take your Taylor to SER because yoyoing is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Yoyoing brings joy and excitement to many people and taking your child to this contest will be an opportunity to express their creativity and their competitive spirit.


dude i live in arkansass what else am i going to go to?

Find things that your parents/siblings would enjoy in the area of the contest. Present them with the list, have them drop you off and check out the venue/people, chances are they’ll like it and stick around, there will be tons of adults who play and parents who brought their children for them to socialize with. But you may have to get them there with promises of activities relevant to them.

Like I said, what section of the country do you live in? If you live close by, go for it, otherwise maybe give it some time and try for a closer contest. You live 500-600 miles away, you better be good enough to hit the top 5 to go.

Heya Jen,

Please take your son to SER, this is like his tenth post about it in the last hour and it would really mean a lot to the board members here if you did this and put an end to it. Plus, yoyoers are weird, but they’re generally the good kind of weird, the worst that could happen really is he he comes back and wants to start longboarding and grow his hair out.


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I beg them and then i remind them that its only ____ hours away according to google and we could totally do a 2 day trip there. I hope this way i can go to more yoyo contests over the summer. The only one i have convinced my parents to go to is VA state yoyo contest otherwise my parents start thinking too much.

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Yea you’re in quite a pickle…SCR is in Colorado this year, which doesn’t really help you in terms of distance you have to travel

I believe Georgia States was held at the State Fair last year. Closer than Florida(that’s where SER is, right?)and no lack of non-yoyo activities.