How do I stop wanting yoyos?!

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Ok. So i decided to go on a week long yoyo fast, just to prove I could do it. But since I had no yoyo to play with, I ended up looking at new yoyos during that week. And even though I probably could get one I still don’t need one, and the desire to get a new yoyo is driving me crazy. Do you guys know how I can quench the desire for a new throw? Or should I just get another yoyo after all?


Get a new yoyo. It’s the only solution. :wink:


There’s only one way.

Shopping, shopping and shopping.


Just buy it, and then wait half a year, and then time for another one. Great way to do it.


I knew it was very impossible for you to get one yoyo for a year.

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hmmmm. I like your guy’s answers. But then there’s the issue of what yoyo I should get. And are you sure there’s no other way?


I try to get a new one every week wether in a trade or buying it just to switch it up

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well if I was to get a new yoyo I would want it unresponsive and under $30. Whatever it is I can silicone it. I’m thinking of getting a lyn fury and siliconing it. ::slight_smile:


well what i did was accidently spend all my $1000 all on yoyos, and i figured out that i still needed money for other things… now i don’t have a super big yoyo buying urge anymore


Theres no way of stoping wanting yoyo. There is but its not a good idea; quit yoyoing (don´t do it). When I want a new yoyo, I control myself and think its a bad idea and I don´t buy it.


I am pretty broke and I still want to find ways to afford new yoyo’s, howerver my wife has threatened to cut of my middle fingers if I don’t stop going on about yoyo’s and that seems to have helped with my craving :smiley:

(JosephP) #12

Self control?


Just get a new one. Its that simple. If you have the money get one.

(Q) #14

Or you can buy a yoyo from me lol

Just nuy something new. Try to get around on your buying, get all different types.

(me) #15

well then I’m getting a new yoyo. ;D I think that I’ll be destroying the use of this post when I say 'whats a good unresponsice yoyo under $30 (i can silicone whatever it is)

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to encourage him to spend money on something when you don’t even know him. Honestly if he already has a yoyo that can do the tricks he does, he doesn’t need a new one.

I think of it this way: I only need ONE yoyo. If you have one that you like, there’s no reason to spend money (that you could be using on somehting else) to get another.

(Joshhh) #17

protostar. or wait a week for the northstars.


What I’ve done is I have wired up a car battery to each of my earlobes. Then every time I start talking about buying a new yoyo my bud completes the circuit and shocks the bejesus out of me. Fixes that problem pretty fast.