How do I get a half-spec bearing out?

I left two disassembled yoyos on a table with bearings out. When I came back, they were assembled and the Replay had a new gash in the rim. When I checked inside, the Center-Trac was in the Replay and the Half Spec was in the NorthStar. I cannot get the half spec out and I cannot get anyone to admit that they did it. So, to my question

  1. How do I get the half spec out? (I have tried pliers)

Personally, I don’t think who did it is super important. I had someone strip my favorite, nicest, most expensive yoyo at the time. I just let it go. Things happen. A picture is worth a thousand words. If you can’t get it with a bearing remover, try pliers.

Um, what does it say after the first question? Go no have a look

I had a bearing stuck in an off-string once after I reassembled it without a spacer on one side. Here’s what I tried in increasing order of trouble:

  1. Left the yoyo in the freezer for an hour, then tried pliers again
  2. Same, but this time I wasn’t trying to avoid scratching anything
  3. Disassembled the outer race of the bearing (make sure you collect all the little balls)
  4. Tried to pull out the inner race with pliers
  5. Cut out the inner race of the bearing with a dremel’s cutting disc (WARNING! This is dangerous)

I finally got the bearing out.


Thanks MarkD, I got it out after trying all the things you did!


Freezer for 20 minutes usually makes things easier to manage although my Recess First Base has a responsive bearing so tight I cannot get it out to put the unresponsive bearing in. Nothing works so…it’s just been sitting there for 2 weeks. An hour ago I took the unresponsive bearing out of my WHiP and put it in my red Sage. When I threw it…something felt…off. After a few throws I looked at it and saw I made a Frankenyoyo: half WHiP / half Sage! They are the exact same red. Now I wonder how a half plastic half metal might throw. Not gonna try!