Bearing stuck beyond my ability


I have a bearing stuck in my RecRev Silly Goose. I tried the freezer method, the rod method, the string method, using pliers, using pliers with a cloth around it, using my bearing tool, nothing works. It’s really in there. Can I contact RecRev? Any advice?


That is one stubborn bearing…



Have you tried the “sledge hammer it” method? I hear it has %100 bearing outageness.

Seriously though, go ahead and contact recrev


Do you know how? I can’t find their info!


Try their facebook page:



Sent. I will keep you guys updated!


Take your time wiggling that bearing out. Freeze for 30 minutes, put a towel around the yoyo half for extra grip and protection and use a longer bearing puller or pliers. Just be patient.


Oh I’ve done that. I’ve been at it for three days (it’s my fav throw, bearing need maintenance)


Is it possible to just de-shield that side of the bearing and dip it in your mineral spirits or w/e for a few minutes and clean it that way?


Anybody who has ever crushed a bearing to free it from a seat might want to chime in; I’ve heard about this technique but I wouldn’t want to present it as real “advice” since I haven’t done it. Suffice it to say, I’m sure there are ways to destroy the bearing without damaging the yoyo; you could then use a VERY FINE (and hard to make mistakes with!) abrasive like steel wool to give you a micron of wiggle room for your next bearing.

If the Silly Goose is plastic (I don’t know the yoyo), crushing a bearing with a plastic post within might not be the best idea…


The Silly Goose is currently an all metal.

I had to destroy a bearing recently to remove it from the yoyo. It was a bad bearing anyways. Yeah, I had to take a bit of metal off the seat to make it “user friendly”. Typical YYF “grip of death” crap, no reason for that.


sometimes destroying a bearing still won’t free it. The inner race is what’s tight on it and preventing it from coming off, so doing any damage to the outer race may or may not help.


That’s true, because if it was stuck to the outer race, there’s really no point to the bearing. It’s always the inner race that’s stuck, and once you rip off the outer race, the inner race can just be pulled off by brute force, but some caution should still be exercised


No reply from them on a replacement yoyo :(. So I don’t know what to do, could I get some more info I this “totally beat the crap out of the bearing until it begs for mercy and climbs out of my yoyo” technique?


If you lived near me, I’d offer to have you bring the yoyo over to my house and we could try to get that bearing off of there.

Personally, I prefer the bearing seat to be not exhibiting “death grip” syndrome. Worse case is I can remove a bit of metal from the seat so while it may no longer have the death grip, it might still require a bearing puller to remove, but no longer require heroic measures to remove.


The “totally beat the crap out of the bearing until it begs for mercy and climbs out of the yoyo” technique is brother to the “sledgehammer it” technique. The only difference between the two is that the “Sledgehammer it” normally leaves the bearing in pieces, while the “TBCBUBMCY” normally only leaves small shrapnel.
Honestly you could break the bearing somehow. If you’re that desperate :-/ .
I have plyers that fit the bearing perfectly, making it super grip able to the bearing. You may already be using that, but if not you could look for some


If it’s to the point of breaking the bearing, try prying it off with a screw driver rather than crushing w/a pliers. That way the outer race will come off first, then you can work on the inner race easier.


Will try when I get time (probably tomorrow) hopefully it will work! I loce this yoyo.


Bearing is out!!! How can I preven this from happening again?


You’ll want to shave down the part where the bearing was stuck. Best to just use the same pliers, grip hard, spin yoyo around 5 times. Blow out metal shavings, clean with a solvent and a paper towel and put the yoyo back together.