How do I fall asleep!?!?!

This has gone on too far… So I have a tooth ache (getting rid of it today, hopefully) and the flu. I have been sick for about a week now and it sucks! Sometimes I sleep for a little in the day, but not too much. So anyway what im saying is, at night I just lay in bed for 9 hours waiting for the morning, how do I fix this!!! I might sleep like 3 hours and thats it. Im actually okay with not getting much sleep since im laying down most of the day (skipping school). but I wanna sleep!!! THANK YOU!

Sounds like you need some Nyquil.

Awkward question, but definitely legit. :smiley:

What is it that keeps you awake? Runny nose, aches or pains, coughing.

  1. If you have a runny nose, blow your nose several times before trying to go to sleep and hopefully you will get to sleep quickly.
  2. If you have any aches or pains, take a pain-killer medicine about 10 to 15 minutes before going to sleep. That should hold you off for a while.
  3. If you are coughing, try sitting upright more.

I hope this helps. I know what you mean though, I have gone two nights without falling asleep before. I stayed up all not on December 31, 2012 for New Year’s and had the flu the next day. :smiley:

  1. Eliminate all caffiene from your diet if you haven’t already. No tea/coffee/coke etc.

  2. Do something that tires you out. You’ll need to go easy since you have the flu but if you’ve sat about all day you probably won’t be tired. Go out and do some exercise to wear yourself out a bit (without overdoing it of course).

  3. Take something like valerian root/over the counter sleep aid. Can’t hurt.

  4. Don’t sleep during the day. Even if you only nap a bit I find it throws my sleep patterns off.

  5. Don’t do anything stimulating before going to bed. No internet browsing, exercise, shower, video games, tv etc. Just wind down for half an hour or so beforehand and maybe listen to some soothing music or something. Keep it chilled, nothing that requires your brain to do too much work.

I feel your pain mate. I went 5 days without any sleep (non voluntarily) in hospital in 2007, whilst completely bed ridden and unable to even sit up. Worst week of my life… by day 4 I was about ready to die… :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeh, it sucks. Hope you feel better soon mate.

Thanks guys! I’ll defiantly try those out. About my tooth, do you think it will feel better right after the dentist? My face is a little swelled up on the left… I hate the dentist, lets hope nothing serious…

No matter who you’re playing tomorrow, you can’t let a cold keep you up.

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They should be able to numb it right away or something! that stinks!

As for the sleep and all that other stuff, nyquil! nyquil is magic my friend, it’s got stuff in it to knock u out as well as help with cold symptoms.

Just incase any of you were wondering, they have to put me under on Friday 9:00 :|. I have a crown tooth, and its fake or something, and the real tooth should grow under it. But the crown one is in the way for too long, so it’s going under a real tooth! And under the growing tooth, their is infection. So they are gonna Rip out the tooth, and scoop up the infection. Sounds fun. For the past 2 hours doctors have been rubbing the area and it hurts so bad right now.