What cold medicine do you use?


Im sick as heck right now so i felt like putting this up.

Alka Seltzer plus combined with a tab of airborne does the trick for me! I also use ny/dayquil.


Water, sleep and tissues.

(M.DeV1) #3

Dean, dean, and Skype with dean.


I literally just took a nyquil. It knocks me right out.


Depends on what I have but I usually use halls cough drops.


Whatever has the most DXM. Jk.

Nyquil, like the rest of people on earth.



I take a handful of Advil and sleep it off.


nyquil. it gives me hella buzz


Haha I tried Nyquil once, just about threw it up in my sink. I take some tylenol or advil and tough it out, lol. I’m actually known for saying I feel fine until about 1 minute before I pueke

(Troy(oyo) #11

Anything with Dextromethorphan for coughing.
Otherwise, antihistamines are good.
I don’t buy name brand medicine, it is a waste of money when you can get the same formula but for a lot cheaper.

I just don’t use medicine for the most part though. Tons of OJ and sleep usually does the trick


I refuse to take cough medicine.
It tastes like… well, you know what it tastes like.


Soup and terrible daytime television.


You guys should try the everecent version of alka seltzer plus! Its as strong as other cold medicine, but tastes like crystal gyser fizzy water!


Had this cold for a week now… and my eardrum ruptured during the night. Owwwww… looks like i wont be throwing for a little bit.


I have a cold too… Everyone’s sick.


Cold eeze, airborne, sleep, water, and healthy eating are what I do/use when I get sick.