I'm sick

(Owen) #1

And it sucks

(Waylon) #2

Dude, me too. I just now called off work.


Well I hope you will both be able to throw


My whole dang family has some stupid virus.

(Waylon) #5

Fun stuff. My girlfriend is brining me Taco Bell. That should help :wink:


If you can go throw, that always makes me feel better.


If you can throw your all right


You’re feeling poorly and are about to eat Taco Bell? Really? ??? And you believe this food will make you feel better?
Taco Bell = Feel better. REALLY? I can’t hardly eat that stuff in my prime.

Go for it, as long as you’re not smoking.

(Waylon) #9

Not smoking. Love me some Taco Bell :slight_smile:


wow taco bell that fast food joint has the worst rating for what’s in it most of the stuff they could not mention! Aka taco bell food is gross

(Owen) #11

Meh, i cant throw, i have a realllllly bad headache and yoyoing makes me concentrate to much.

I think i might just have a Taco

(Waylon) #12

That’s all a myth. I used to work there. You’d be surprised how much of the stuff is fresh. Although I have to admit I rarely eat the beef. I usually substitute beans for meat.


I’m thinkin’ Abby and I are on the same page here.

I’d be surprised how much of the stuff is fresh? I do not wish to be surprised to find out what stuff isn’t!

C’mon Abby, let’s you and me go get some lasagna somewhere.

Oh, and Nemyo, I’m sorry to hear you’re under the weather. Really. Truly.

(Waylon) #14


I can’t speak for the beef or nacho cheese, but everything else acceptable. In most cases, better than burger joints. I’ve worked those, too. I’ve had a lot of jobs. :slight_smile:


I roll my own soft tacos.

But in all seriousness I’ve got a cold. This is weird.


You know, I had a bit of a bug at the end of last week. Maybe you guys caught this thing from me.

sorry. my bad.


I have a little of the snizzles. Just a little.

(Owen) #18

Awww thanks man!

Im still sick though D:


dang man with how cute you are, apparently, I thought that you would be impervious to this kinda stuff.


The “snizzles”?! That sounds nasty.

Hope you’re better in the mornin’.