How are you?

Been a while.
I reckon im doin alright.
Still waiting on court to settle.
Most likely will be absent here on the forums for awhile after that due to the stripping of my freedom to be a citizen.
Theres a lady in my life now.
She is just as bad for me as she is good.
Very confusing.
Its slowly killing me lol.

How are you?

I’m exhausted. 60 hour work weeks followed by G2 work. It’s life. Good to be alive! Been cutting up lots of firewood lately to heat my house. Should have been a lumberjack :slight_smile:

Off work until Monday. Nothing very much that I need to do.

Pretty good ;D.

Pretty good improving my yo skills before I get my hands on some new yoyos from the deals. Also hoping to fill up with turkey tomorrow and just enjoy the time with the fam. Then after next week is final exams and that’s no fun haha but everything is great. Thanks for asking mate

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Everyone have a good thanksgiving? -Mine was pretty straight, went to my girls grandmothers and had a good ole time.

I’m feelin’ fine.

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nope I went to my Grandmas for thanksgiving and they usually make turkey even when there vegetarian. But this year we had no turkey no gravy and the main color for all the food was grey. Not to mention the replacement for turkey was this herby tofu loaf thing. Their wasn’t any mashed potatoes either.

Abby, that’s absolutely horrid. I read a comment elsewhere today regarding a thanksgiving dinner that went something like, “Even though the main ingredient in her favorite dish was kale, she had the good sense not bring it.”

oh boy but yeah what i just said about my thanksgiving dinner doesn’t even describe that taste of it the worst part was is that the food was either overcooked or slimy looking unappetizing “food” what made it even worse is we gave some of our food to our dog because it was that bad and that unappetizing and our dog didn’t even eat it! now the odd thing though is that she makes great Jewish holiday dishes and other tasty foods and has made turkey in the past but this year was not the usual. the only bright side to all of it was i saw all my little cousins cause I’m the oldest of my cousins and thre always a good time.

Still regularly enjoying that Markmont Next :slight_smile:

Recently hit 1 year, made a video in the videos section, you should check it out!

Sucks that things haven’t settled for you yet :-\ Just hang in there, things will be better before you know it! Just try not to get into anymore trouble :wink: haha :slight_smile:

Good! You?

Tired. I’m drowning in school and kind of getting depressed…

i feel it brutha. Luckily school comes to an end at some point, then ya get to enjoy lifes responsibilities. Dont let life get u down tho brutha, i dont wanna say i suffer from depression, i get depressed. You know the whole nine yards. There have been points in my life where ive been ready to give up. Like today, i had court at 9 then drove all the way back to where i live and found out my girlfriend has been cheating on me.
It hurt ya know? But when life knocks me down these days i just get back up and say “life, you hit like a bitch”

Keep on keepin on man, i have to do it, so you do to! Haha. Hope everyone had a good day. Im takin my sorry soul to bed.

One love.

Im pretty good I just got a mystery box so Im pretty happy with that
Im doing pretty good with my work around the farm(I live on a farm for those of you that didnt know) It is really cold here though II think its 0 degreese out right now

but besides that every things great

Fellin’ fin’ how’ bout’ u’?


I’m great yoyoing wise. Sadly though I have finals tomorrow and Friday.

But on the bright side I have been making up tricks all day and it has been great. My excitement for yoyoing has kind of rekindled. I love it.

Well you certainly like to emphasize that!

If this was a comment on grammar, “I’m good” and “I’m doing well” are both acceptable; Technically “I’m doing good” wouldn’t be. English is pretty flexible though, so I think good/well are becoming fairly interchangeable and that’s OK.

Also I feel pretty good right now, I had a nice end to my semester.

is u tryn to akt lik u now evathing bout gramar

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