How are you?



Wellllll got rid of the girl. TIME TO FOCUS ON SAMMY!!!

Ijist wanna let errybody know im on top of the world right now. Things are so good finally. God is great. Friends are good. Money is earned. Love is cherished. Thanks everyone for the kind words and stuff i love u all!

awesome high five

YoRED - good to hear you’re doing ok. Keep it up.

Thanks guys!!! Im headin to the top!!! Gosh i love my life. I got court thursday. They can do whatever aint gunna get me down. The wanna put me in jail so be it. Im just gunna get big, read, and take classes. Be a little vacation hahahaaa. Thank u all. Everybody on these forums who have supported me, you all are saints!

Glad you’re holding up all right :slight_smile:

Its Great To Here Your Doing Good YoRED

lok at this, a necro after a year… sorry everybody.
but im doing great, court was settled. new perspective on life and all its endeavors. let the lord back in. had a few jobs and finally found my niche, COOKING! i love food so why not make it for other hungry souls? as for the ladies, they are still just as confusing and im sure they will continue to be confusing. im saving up all summer and moving to Florida hopefully and start school in the culinary arts. havent been playing yoyo as much as i used to but thats going o change just been BUSY! one love yall one looove!!

Welcome back YoRED

your back!!! It’s great seeing you again! This is a good day cause YoRed is back!!! Also please don’t end up in the clanked anytime soon? You’re way too cool to be missing so much awesomeness on the forums!

Hey, YoRED. Good to see you out and about. Looks like you’ve got things figured out, except for the ladies. That’s a hard one to get a handle on. :wink:

Good to hear you’re doing well man. Keep that momentum going. :slight_smile:

If you have any questions about the ladies, you can just ask me.


If you ask TA she will tell you that yoyos are the way to a woman’s heart :smiley:

lol :smiley:

but they have to be yoyoexpert edition

With black string :smiley:

^ You guys catch on quick about the ladies! :wink: See, we’re actually very easy to figure out. ;D

Lesson #1:

Yo-yos, we look like this: :slight_smile: :smiley: 8) :-*
No yo-yos, we look like this: >:( :frowning: ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :’(

Make sure it’s double looped around the bearing or you’re getting a glass of champagne thrown in your face and being left to settle the entire bill. :wink:

My only question that I genuinely wonder is if men and women taste the same thing when they eat chocolate.

Most blokes seem to accept that it tastes good, but I’ve yet to see many men react to it in the same way that the fairer sex seem to. I’ve seen women go borderline feral for it… in my house a bar of chocolate is lucky if it makes it over the threshold of the front door before it’s set upon and devoured in a manner reminiscent of a Pirahna feeding frenzy. It makes me wonder if they’re tasting/experiencing something that we aren’t. :stuck_out_tongue: