Favorite drinks

Alcoholic, juices, cocktails, smoothies, whatever, post em here.

Mine: WATER, guava nectar, lemonade, pink elephants on parade, anything from jamba juice. Milk, Haruyasumi blend.


blue sky soda, cherry vanilla creme, Reeds extra ginger ale, coffee, water, just about all I drink. :slight_smile:

coke,Dr.peper, mtn dew

dr pepper :smiley:

coke and water

21 only lol

pear absolut w/ mc. donald’s sweet tea


i love tea! green tea is awesome but chai tea is delicious!

I’m a big fan of water. I do drink pepsi from time to time.

I think it would be best for the forum if we just kept alcohol out of the picture.

Apple Juice.

Diet Coke
Pineapple Fanta
Root Beer
Diet Arizona Green Tea
Aloe Drink

Most often, though, I just drink Diet Coke and water.

I also dabble in Virgin Pina Coladas occasionally (I’m 18. I’d drink regular, alcoholic ones, I’ve just not gotten the opportunity)

I don’t disagree, but if a type of alcohol is a person’s favorite drink, they should be allowed to be honest about it here. If the topic was “What’s your favorite non-alcoholic drink”, then it would be different.

coke and pepsi are nasty… mountain dew is good tho

i also like many juice, tea, and smoothie blends, and i enjoy the occasoinal coffee now and then


Coca cola,Rockstar,vault,Citrus SoBe

Forgot to include Aloe.

Root beer. My preference shift from brand to brand depending on the season

Coffee, tea and good beer!


Yes and black.

I like water as well.

And from time to time some soda…

But maybe never again after last night. I puked over 6 times when trying to play man hunt…

That stuff’ll kill you man.

Haha… I’m with stephosh…

Don’t drink too much coffee anymore, but I practically live on good tea and good beer.