Fav energy drinks?

Energy drinks are my favorite type of drinks. I say type because "energy drink " is a very broad term. There are a lot more than just plain monster or red bull. So I ask you guys to tell me your favorites. I will do a brief list/review on my favs.

1. Gfuel sour chug rug/fazeberry (cans)
Saw these faze clan editions at my local grocery store decided to tried them. These are really solid flavors and work amazing, pretty great for a bunch of crypto scammers 9.5/10
2. That weird blue concentrate energy from the coffee shops.
This stuff comes in a couple different brands(Lotus energy, Tiki breeze) however It is a really nice flavor combined with any syrups of your choice making for a really delicious experience.
(may be a little too sweet for some people) 10/10
3.Monster energy pipeline/original
I enjoy both of these I love sour/tart fruity flavors of these. To me the pipeline punch tastes like happiness in a can, and the original monster is a classic (imo) some people may not like it but it will always hold a special place in my heart. (9.5/10)


I was partial to cranberry red bull and the blood orange one while in college. But there were vending machines on campus and my number one was NAS. Just NAS. It was the only “standard” flavor of energy drink I could handle. I then had two organs removed and cut back on my consumption of things that aren’t so good for me haha. I blame the entire box of fruit gushers I ate waiting for multiple hours for a closed interstate to open so I can get home.


I used to enjoy an occasional Monster or Starbucks Triple shot Carmel.

Now I keep to my coffee in the morning and water rest of day, for the most part.

Not saying to change up, you do you.

I will throw out a tip, chug a glass of ice water as soon as you wake up. You’ll be bug eyed and wide awake in a way that caffeine can’t touch.

Also, I dig lemon water.

Back on topic, I will grab a Black Rifle energy coffee drink on occasion, to me it tastes exactly how I drink my first cup of coffee if the day, very little cream and sugar, just enough to kill off any hint of bitterness. It packs a nice punch too.

Back when I gave zero cares about anything, Redline.


I was hooked on Monster for the longest time.
I always went for the Ultra Monsters which were sugar free. I thought these were great until I started to pay attention to the sodium content in them - some had close to 400mg of sodium per can.

Nowadays I’ll drink coffee in the morning to get my caffeine fix, and just chug cold water throughout the day or snack on a Verb bar if I’m feeling sluggish.


i love bang, partial to key lime pie, birthday cake, and purple skiddles lol

but i dont really drink them anymore, just espresso and water these days.

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I agree with you on this one. I only drink water and tea throughout the day. occasionally coffee I put energy drinks on here cause I just enjoy them sometimes in moderation.


I’m a bit of an energy drink connoisseur myself

Two of my favorites are


It could be that I live in a remote area, or that i just dont drink rockstar, but those look amazing. I would love to try those.

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C4 skittles or starburst cherry

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With breakfast I drink a filtered ice water with quarter of a fresh squeezed lemon and quarter of a lime and add a hypertonic Quinton.


No sugar and a bunch of caffeine


Yeah, I forgot all about this stuff. I liked it a lot. If I remember right it has some beneficial nootropics in it as well.

They have a more hardcore version called LIT AF. They also sell canned versions but they can get pricey, so what other person is recommending is a far cheaper way of going about it if you need to be jacked up to get through whatever you’re going through in that moment.

I used everything I’ve stated throughout this thread in the regular at my last job because the workload was insane and I don’t halfass anything when it comes to work. It definitely plays a toll on ones psychy. So I really understand the individual that goes hard on this stuff for work, and I empathize as I know the toll it can take.

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They are kind of hard to find and they go quick I actually have it on my Amazon subscribe and save lol.

Yea its really expensive, the cans more so…, but i like how it doesnt have sugar and it has loads of caffeine, which also helps reduce my migraines.

Monster Pacific Punch :ok_hand:


I like a few, one of them is Teho, a finnish brand. They’re more sour than other drinks and I looove sour things so it tickles a few spots.

They have a rhubarb-strawberry one and it’s just heavenly.

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My favourite energy drink is when I take my dirty toilet water and drink it :upside_down_face: the gaging fit that follows wakes me right up AND the taste is very similar to all the others for a fraction of the price :upside_down_face:

Lol in all seriousness when I did drink em back in the day I liked the Coffee Ones from Rockstar :man_shrugging:t5:

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Coffee :coffee:

Keeping it simple :ok_hand:


that is an epic flavor

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I usually go for Monster Ultras. If you want something to really jack you up, get yourself a Spike Energy Shooter*.

*We are not held responsible for any health conditions that may occur as a result of the consumption of this beverage.

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