favorite drink?

Curious what you all enjoy drinking? Doesn’t have to be alcoholic, :3

I have a deep love for Thai iced tea, and Guava juice in terms of non alcoholic drinks,
And I love a good margarita when I’m out with friends.

Also, given the season, pumpkin spice latte! :slight_smile:

Pumpkin spice lattes are pretty good.
Although I quite like Ramune, Jones soda, and I like the rebel energy drinks from Dutch Bros Coffee Shop

Coke, as in Coca-Cola (with ice)

Mine is ginger beer (no it’s not really beer) and shirley temple sodas

I’m a coffee snob.

Love Scotch and Bourbon also.

Those are my favorites

Shirley Temples are good :slight_smile:
Pina Coladas too(Non Alchoholic versions)

Non-alcoholic: Slightly sweetened ice tea
alcoholic: Bourbon over ice (Maker’s Mark or Dickels usually)

I’m pretty fond of lemon juice in water 1:3 parts

thai ice tea and rum & coke

Definitely bubble tea with boba

Don’t drink the Gatorade, drink da bubbletea.

for soda,sprite,for all the time…water,i love water
dry gin and coke,blueberry vodka and cranberry juice, shot of grey goose

Ooooh I should have mentioned this as well. I love it! :slight_smile:

mostly water. I hate soda! the companies the products itself.

Pabst blue ribbon, chocolate milk, water, gin combined with diet 7up or tonic

Pepsi, Cherry Pepsi, Coke, Cherry Coke, Root Beer (Mug Rootbeer oh yea…) Rapberry or lemon iced tea and Water…Choclate milk every now and then is good too.

So, with all of that high cal stuff, why the diet pop???

Cause he needs to stay healthy.

My favorite drink is a rootbear float.

MMMMmmmmmm Root beer floats.

I am a tea snob. I carry around tea bags with chocolate chai, orange dulce, earl grey, or my friends iced tea blend. Then I ask for hot water at restruants