how do he skywalkers play?

Would it be worth trading a chief for?

what are the colorways and conditions of the yoyos?

Lets say both are mib, and equally rare colorways

I’d go skywalker.

It’s up to you.

Both are nice. They just play different and look different. They both play amazing, so it’s not a performance issue.

I would say that price-wise, the Chief is a little more expensive from a retail-sale point of view. I feel the Chief is a bit over-priced, while the Sky Walker is priced just right, yet plays like it should be priced more. From a wants/demand, I think the Skywalker is in higher demand due to it being scarcer. I feel really lucky that I managed to get one when the latest batch dropped. I think though in general, it would be a reasonable trade.

No, I’m not trading my Chief OR my Sky Walker. I would say I do like my 4th Run Chief, but I’d also like to get a heavier Chief as well. I think a heavier Chief would play much better. I do not have a problem paying the the price at YYE for a heavier run Chief in like new with the box condition.

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