Elliot Jackson Chief

Apologies if this is in the wrong place, I wasn’t sure what it classified as.
I’m about to trade my mint USA made 7075 supernova for a “near mint” Elliot Jackson edition Chief. The seller is asking for cash along with my trade but I have no idea how much the Chief is actually worth.
Any help?

The chief holds its value pretty well. It’s probably worth 100ish and your supernova is probably worth 60ish

Chief is like 150 new and supernova is like 80 dollars new.

The 7075 ones are worth more, so if It isn’t mint probably 80-85

Dude do this trade! Chief’s are amazing, and you’re trading a Yoyofactory for one. As for cash, idk maybe 20ish dollars? Somewhere around there.

I’d rather have the Supernova.

Well then I’d love to take a Chief of your hands.

The Elliot Jackson Chief is one of the best colorways and one of the rarest. Jump on it.

you might rather have the supernova now, but if you don’t do this you’ll be disappointed, the chief is probably up there in the top 10 best yoyo’s out there, and it’s way more valuable

The price of my yoyo doesn’t matter when I’m throwing, and the Chief is nothing special.

i think anyone who has played the chief would disagree there.

my first instinct is that it’s not anything special, but i could be wrong, mind letting me borrow yours for a week? lol

The Supernova is a little less than special

Keep the supernova. Ive had a chief and currently have a supernova. The supernova is much better. Especially if its made out of 7075. All you’re trading for is a colorway. You can easily buy a cheap chief off the b/s/t and keep the supernova. To me its not worth it. This is coming from a guy who has owned both. and a mint 7075 supernova is easily worth around $100-$120. Don’t listen to anyone who says its worth less.

Well to disagree with you… It is worth less than that as far as the bst goes. I think the love for the yoyo gave you a biased opinion. I think it’s worth around 70-80 bst dollars.

the chief is my favorite and I have both super nova and chief. I love the chief and supernova suck. My chief is the 28 stories. It’s always on me.


you have probably never even touched a chief. Trust me it’s way better than any yoyofactory, chief is top of the line

You know. I’ll take that chief if you don’t want it. Can you pm me the guy

While the Chief is very good, it’s not “way better than any YYF.” I know, I traded mine away (for a Supernova, incidentally). I’d do like already suggested: if you want a Chief, get one cheap off the BST.