Chief vs Skywalker (andthensome)


So I’m currently split between the two and I’d like your opinion.

Also, I’m adding a list of questions that way I don’t post multiple topics on the subject and get annoying lol.

(applies to both)

  1. How much is a good/reasonable price (to offer) for each throw?
  2. Which would last longer?
  3. Which is the most stable?
  4. Which do you recommend?


  1. Which colorway do you prefer in either (skywalker preferred though)

I’ll add more I’m sure xP

Thanks in advance!

  1. Depends on condition. Mint for Sky: 85. Chief Mint: 100
  2. Both will last you an eternity. As long as you don’t beat it to death.
  3. Probably the Chief, but the Skywalker is not unstable by the least.
  4. I can’t make a recommendation with your preferences and playstyle. I personally prefer the Chief, but please do tell us your style and preferences.



I’ll add this to the OP but honestly I’d prefer a very versatile yoyo because my playstyle is both fast and slow. Really don’t know what else to say haha but yeah, it should be speedy but stable.


85 is low for a mint skywalker. Expect to pay at least 100-120 for a mint one, depending on colorway and edition. Also, you’d be fortunate to find a mint chief for 100. I’d say 110-130 depending on edition, weight, and run.

EDIT: 100-150 for skywalkers.


also skywalkers are a bit harder to find, but when they do pop up owners don’t want to let them go easily i see


ouch, how much would a skywalker with a small amount of damage (that doesn’t cause too much vibe) cost?


Depends on if its a special edition or not. I’d probably offer 90 or so if its got a few dings.


Both are honestly AWESOME yoyos. If you can I’d snag one of both.

Just figure that there were a lot of runs of skywalkers at one time, many are beat up by now and there are less mint ones out there now, especially because they aren’t being made anymore.


Here, Slade Riggs has 5 skywalkers here 3 are $105 LB 1 is SB $105  and 1 is  LB $125 and then he has a light run Chief and a 7075 Chief cant go wrong with any any 4 of these choices


Thanks a bunch for this!

I’m kind of sad the yoda edition was only half because that’s one of the colorways I’m considering D:

I hope he has them for a while, I’m on a trip right now and won’t be home for another 3 weeks lol


Contact him, you may be able to work something out.


Meh, Skywalkers didn’t do much for me, of course neither did the Chief, but i’d choose a Chief over a Skywalker for sure.


Everyone should have a Chief by now. Or at least played one.


Is this primarily because of the scandal involving Heath or does the Chief just play better?

Lol I’ve only ever thrown a wobbly yuuksta so yeah.


Unfortunately he doesn’t have the colorways I’m looking for :stuck_out_tongue:

the Yo-Duh had potential but then I saw it was only half and half.




Which are you looking for?


D bearing Skywalker is even better than C bearing Skywalker. Little known fact. They’re also cheaper because people don’t know, and they’re afraid of taking the risk. But really, the Skywalker is great, and the D bearing is even more great. Ridiculously stable, but still not a big, heavy throw. Fairly rare combination of attributes. Even the Chief, which is also incredibly stable, still has a bit of slow-ness to it. It doesn’t feel huge and weight the way, say, a Gleipnir feels (mindblowingly stable throw), but it doesn’t feel small and quick. The Skywalker does.

I like the Chief a lot too. A lot, a lot. I wouldn’t even say there are any glaring low points with it at all. I just don’t prefer it to the D bearing Skywalker.


How do you know if it’s a D bearing? Can you tell by specific colorways or do you put it in yourself?

Man this is difficult, I really wanted a chief but seeing how they rate about the same I’m leaning towards the skywalker for its appearance (though still unsure about the colorway)

do you have any pictures of your skywalker?


I’m not sure yet. I like the dark green one and the Yo-Duh one’s but those wouldn’t match me (clothes) at all lol

what do you recommend?