How did you like the DXL? (if you went)

Read the title. I loved it and got a DXL version 5 star. I hung around Jermey Derick (name problably spelled wrong) about the whole time. I met Gm User, and his bro, and said hi to Samad!

(p.s. is there another place besides that sells chaos 122 yoyo strings?)

It was fun. I saw you there (I think that was you…).

yo man, cool to be back on the forums.

Hey, you ever sell your Axiom?


To bad :-\

Yeah, I did not know if that was you or not, but after the DXL I looked on the YYE experts and saw a pic of you and I realized that that was you! I was the guy with a red pgm and light green DXL 5 star. I was learning a trick Gm User showed me. By the way thanks Gm User, I got the hang of the trick and I love it! Kim, I see you got yourself a DXL 5 star, you like it? I like mine a lot! I like it just as much as my Dv888!

Because they are out of stock and I want some SOO bad!

Haha, glad you like the trick James.

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Very fun.

“This is James on the forum”

“No, you’re James exclamation mark exclamation mark exclamation mark :P”

Inside joke (if James and Paolo remember)

Haha, I remember that, you are really funny Samad.

That’s James triple exclaimation mark to you! lol! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

(still an inside joke, from dxl!) …ahhhh, good times, good times!

Keep yoing! :wink:

By the way, Kim-Lan, you did great in the dxl competition.

Oh, Samad, are you going to upload any videos of DXL? My camera lost all it’s memory when I dropped it :(.(If you reember)

I was there it was pretty cool

U can order some from here:

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I screwed up with the contest
Imessed up yoyoing sideways