Chaos Yoyos


Does anyone out there have the bottom line on what happened to Chaos
Yoyos and their awesome 422 string??? If anybody has any information, I would
be grateful to hear from them. Just very curious is all! Thanks!


They didn’t like shipping out orders.


This forum has a search function. Use it.


There are also other forums that you can take the attitude to as well.


I absolutely in a million years couldn’t have said it better myself. Funny the lengths
some people will go- just to be a “pill”. Must not be getting any! haha


I tried the search function because I was suddenly curious. Found a thread that barely talked about how the website was no longer available, and two people mentioning orders that werent’ fulfilled. Wasn’t much of a story about “what happened to them”, so I would qualify that as a forum search function failure.

(Alex Fairhurst) #7

The guy was taking people’s money and never shipping out orders. Then he disappeared. Then he came back and started making strings and hyping himself up. Shipping out orders, making new string, striking a deal with YYE, etc. Then he stopped shipping out orders again, and eventually disappeared. Essentially, he’s the Jensen of string manufacturers.

I don’t get why some people won’t talk about this kind of stuff. Acting like it’s taboo or somethin’.


This seems uncalled for.

(Alex Fairhurst) #9

They both left the scene and came back. Only to leave again. I thought it was a reasonable comparison.


Jensen has never took payments for things he wasn’t going to do, it isn’t a reasonable comparison.

(Alex Fairhurst) #11

Hmm. You’re right. I take it back. Happy everyone?