Chaos Strings?

So i ordered Chaos strings directly from Chaos about a month ago and they still haven’t even shipped. I emailed them and they said that they were a little backed up but they should be out either by the end of the second week or beginning of the third. Yet here I am over a month later, still with no strings. Anybody else have this issue with them?

Actually, I’m going through the same thing… I searched “chaos strings?” and came across this post. I was a little worried as they haven’t gotten back to me yet. I know businesses come and they go- sometimes pretty quickly in this game…

at this point i’ve sent about 10 emails and ordered more string from Gstring, which shipped the very next day.

That gsimian is one good dude.  Good stuff he makes

Another string maker I like in the states is
competitive pricing and ships fast (it’s domestic)… The type two is good stuff (comparable to the poly gstring stuff)

Also avaliable right here:

Was wondering if you ever got your string from Chaos. Ordered in March and haven’t heard a thing no matter how many emails I send.

I never got my string.

That totally blows!
I guess I won’t hold my breath for my string either…completely sucks.

I have an order that goes back to October 2011 !!

That is one lost cause.

I managed to find some remaining stock from other vendors, but even they are still waiting for stock.
Might I recommend “Twisted Stringz” type A1. If you like the quality of Chaos, you might like these better…Or, you might like Toxic Strings “Dragons”. they have that same nylon element that Chaos has.

Sorry you had to lose money.