chaosyoyos is officially official!!!!!

as of yesterday, we have our license (yeah, we should have gotten one when we sold our first string, biut trust me the profits in a business like mine are so minimal that i shall never be hassled by the IRS) just so we have everything legit.

so, with this comes great responsibility. this means some changes in company policy.

#1 chaos yoyos is now owned and operated by “randell short string MFG. CO.” it is located in sarasota, and located at 4268 King Richard Ln.

anyone at anytime is able to come visit us, and see our factory at any given time (although tours might involve signing a sworn statement of secrecy of trade secrets etc.)

#2 (my favorite) all custom orders under 1000 strings will be shipped within 1 (one) week or 5 business days from date of order. THATS RIGHT NO MORE WAITING!! and if your order happens to take more than this allotted time, YOU WILL RECIEVE A FULL REFUND ALONG WITH YOUR STRINGS YOU ORDERED. that’s right, if our team doesnt expedite these orders in a timely fashion we dont get paid, and actually lose money.

reasons for this are obvious, and we’ve solved some of our time concern problems.

be on the lookout for us in the next few weeks at as well as euro-yo as they will be carrying our products as well. (trust me i know a few people had to wait a few weeks on custom orders, and we jumbled a few in the past, but these two companies have been more than patient with us)

we have completely reorganized everything, and have completely rewritten our business plan. as well as that we also will be doing the best to satisfy every customer. new policies above are effective IMMEDIATELY. as well, if there are any questions or complaints direct them to us at and we will do our best to make things right.

with the timely fashion we will be expediting new orders there is only a small timeframe in which you may change your order. (about 24 hours from time of order) me, (frank short) or laura or any of our team members can be reached at (941) 284 7814 if you need to ask about orders, make changes or just generally want info about our company including, but not limited to; licensing information, material information, general questions or comments. ask for laura or frank. this line is open 24 hours a day but is also limited to my sleeping schedule, although we will accept calls at ridiculous times because of world time zoning.

please excuse our dust, as we are always making renovations and improving EVERYTHING with this company.

also, if things go well we may be decreasing some of the pricing, but only by about 5% we want to give the best deals for the best strings but we also want to be more proactive in the yoyoing community. the recent rate increase is mostly for just that. we are trying our best to become proud sponsors for nationals, worlds, and many regional yoyo tournaments. we will also be sponsoring one in the UK in october if i remember correctly but i dont have all the info on that yet.

we will continue to work in the interest of the community as much as we can. this business was started by this community for this community, and how we serve you is a direct reflection of how we would like to serve the community locally and globally. to all of our loyal customers and general fans of our product, thank you for making this company what it has become today. it’s been such a bumpy road for the last 2 years, and i thought i was going to lose my mind, my family and everything else on this venture, but i kept both feet in for all of you as well as myself (i need the strings) and everyone who read this long winded but sincere post, have a wonderful happy and healthy day!

Sounds good. the string I ordered a while back is great and the only complaint I had was that it took, I think 2 months to come but the new policy is AWESOME.

PS can you do solid bright colors like highlights? ???