Im going to the DXL contest at The Lab in Costa Mesa and they are selling these

General Yo - Exclusive DXL Crew Bead Blasted 5-Stars


Yo-Yo Factory - Red DXL Crew DV888’s, Black DXL

so i basically want to know which do you guy prefer i meen i like both of them i can play both
but what are some pros and cons of each if anyone has either of these tells me what do they feel like
thnx for any help


I would like the 5 Star more, but the Dv888 rocks too!

And just a question, are Dv888s and Hectics the only yoyos that will be available at the YoYoFactory table? Or will they have Frantics and Offstrings. And will they be selling K-Pads?


IDK they only advertised those for the YYF table they could have more minor ones

(system) #4

I think they will also be selling Creams.


I’m sure there will be other things. On the website, they only showed the three yo-yos that were made exclusively for DXL. I don’t know if there’ll be Frantics, though.


Ok, do you know if they will be selling parts? (Responce specificly.)


I don’t know. Maybe you should try asking glasseye.


Ok, I tried contacting Ben but he won’t be there, and Patrick hasn’t responded to my E-Mail since Wednesday.

(Jamesofyoyo) #9

Get the 5 star, there are only 20 dxl versions made!


yea im leaning toward the 5 star because i cant get a a dv888 here on Xpert but i tink its har 2 find 5 stars anywhere


I believe there are still some 5Stars over at the One Drop Store.

However, if you find an all-black 5Star, go for it! Very rare yoyo (but I doubt you’ll be able to get it).


I think they might only be selling the DXL Crew edition 5Stars there.


they are