anyone ecxited!?! (dxl 5 star is RARE!!!)

hey, why have i heard talk of the hectic, frantic, ect. and not anyone talk about the dxl 5star? (dont answer that) anyway, i got a green one on hold and i wanted to know, is anyone excited as i am?!? ernie told me there are only 20 made in the world! and get this, they are only 75$! even less than the regular 5star and yet these are rare, bead blasted, has a dxl logo on it, and is even cheeper!!! (are you buying one?) (go to dxl!!!) (any positive comments on this yo, such as, sweet grindage ability, all positive comments welcome) (no fighting) :wink:

                                                                                               keep yoing ;)

(they come in green and a light purple.)

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Ooh. I was already tempted by them before, but now that I know more about it (price and rarity and all) I want it even more! :o

Yay for birthday money. :slight_smile:

im getting one with my bday money too, its the same day as the dxl lol! :smiley:

I’m probably going to get some more money for graduation too. ;D

I think I will most likely get one unless something else happens to catch my eye.

ill post a pic to show you what it looks like, they come in green and light purple. (will add to my first post)

ps. ive tried and loved the 5 star but forgot to test out thumb grinds. does anyone know if it thumb grinds any good?

                                    keep yoing ;)

Gonna get dxl 5 star hectic or dv888 at dxl.

Haha, I love Hectics, I might get a Dv888, or Jeremy’s Peak if he still has it.

Getting a SB Raw Skyline at the contest. I’ll probably try some of those 5Stars when I hang out with Ernie. We live only 12 miles apart :smiley:

So your going to be there?

Hectic= worst metal yyf, I hate it

im gonna get the dxl 5 star and maybe the frantic if they sell it.

id get the dv888 and the dxl 5star. but even though the dv888 is my fav yo, if i were you id get the dxl 5star because they will only be sold at dxl. and there are only 20 in the world! its a once in a lifetime chance to get one. then after you get more money id go ahead and get the dv888. (thats my personal preferance, both yoyos are awsome) you cant go wrong with any yoyo you choose.

keep yoing

At DXL (if I go) I would be looking for the frantic (fundametal catch 22)

I wonder how much they will cost. :-\

scince it is a fundametal, it will probalbly be between 60$ and 75$

here is a side veiw of the 5star. (this is the side veiw the dxl 5star will have, this is the regular 5star, not the dxl version, i just posted it so you can see what the dxl version 5 star will look like) nice shape, and nice wide gap too!

keep yoing :wink:

He’s nearly 100% sure, but not quite at 100% yet since he has to hitch a ride with his friend. At least that is what he told me couple of days ago.