(yokaiyo) #1

Anybody heard of the Yoyofactory Frantic. The affordable Catch 22. It’s made out of

keep spinning



Oh, jeez. To me that looks like a 2015 model. ;D They have out-done themselves with the new yoyos. The Dv888, Hectic, now this. Man.

(Jamesofyoyo) #3

i want a frantic sooooo bad! will they be selling them at dxl? if so, im so buying one, and a dxl general yo five star! frantics look awsome!


I believe they will be selling them at DXL, see ya there.


Actually, I don’t think they will be at DXL. I was talking to glasseye, and he only showed me the Hectics and the Dv888’s that they had. Ben isn’t attending, so he had to ship the yoyos to Glasseye.

(Jamesofyoyo) #6

i am now sad… :’(


Don’t think they will have them at MWR.


I’ve been talking to people who have tried it, supposedly very smooth, I WILL get myself one or two of these