DV888,California,or Frantic?

I don’t know what yoyo I should get…

i have tried the DV888 and california, and the cali i like better its smaller and smother IMO

I personally like the DV888 a lot more. I think the shape feels really good in your hand and mine is dead smooth. I love it. I take it everywhere I go.

No, 2010 Caifornia is bigger than Dv888.

Frantic<Dv888<10’ Cali


I do believe we have the ENEME in stock.

:o :o :o

Where are you buying the Frantic? or did you not know they were sold out?

Yeah I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Frantic for awhile now XD

u buy them at yoyonation.

checked there…they’re sold out

I dont know they might be discontinued. :frowning: (dunno if i spelled that right)

Frantic is discontinued.

Dv888 and 2010 california is so-so in the terms of play. IMO.
Pick the shape you like better.

Hunt down an old cali they rock, not sure i like the look of the new one!