california 2010 edition or DV888 slimpad edition help!!!!!!

i was wondering if i should get a yyf california 2010 edition or DV888 slimpad edition
please comment below what you think


I have a DV888 and I think it’s wonderful but Its my first metal and unresponsive yo-yo so I can’t really compare it to anything.

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To answer your question, it depends on what shape and size you like.

The California is a little bigger than the Dv888 and has rounded rims.
The Dv888 is smaller and has flat rims

I have the same problem, I’m getting California but I can’t find a place where they have a nice color IN STOCK

…Another one of these friggen posts? Its all about size, shape, etc. Look at the specs because I’ve seen way to many of these threads. Get the one with the best design maybe? They both play great, pretty much anything metal and from YYF will be good, it just comes down to preference.

I just bought my California…I decided on that because the Dv888 uses responce pads that wear out, and the groove that they sit in look a little too big to easily silicone, also I think it’s a little too similar to the M1, which I already had