OK, I can not decide…Dv888, or (2010)California, I want one of the two because I want something different than my 888x or my Skyline
So which is smoother
Which one do YOU think fits in your hand best
How much similar is the (2010) California to the VK , don’t say they are the same thing just bearing sizes, I checked out the stats, THE GAP IS ALMOST 2 TIMES BIGGER,and I’m pretty sure the size is a bit smaller
And lastly which do YOU recemend

AND CALM DOWN SAMAD, I have already got the prefference shpeel from you and I know I just want something different and I have never played with either so I can not tell a lot of things from just pictures

The 2010 California has the same shape as the VK/401k but with a wider gap and different bearing.

Comparing the two is pretty much comparing Apples to Oranges in the yoyo world because they have different sizes, shape etc… From what I have heard, both are quite smooth and it really depends.

The DV888 has a H shape-ish profile with flat rims while the California is quite round.

I wouldn’t know which one you would consider fitting well into your hand but seeing your favorite yoyos, you might like the California’s round shape. Though the DV888 does have angularity like the Night Moves 5.

Lies. The original California has the same shape as the 401K.
2010 California is totally different.

Night moves 5 isn’t very sharp, but what would you recomend

My brother has a VK and the rims kinda shoot up near the end…you don’t get that for the 2010 Cal.

Lol whoops. My bad. But other than that BIG mistake, it is still round.

So none of you have answered…Which do you recommend, and why

Based on what you have right now, I suggest the Dv888. It’s more different from what you have, so you can try out new things. And if you really want to increase your differences, try a small bearing Dv888 instead of a large bearing.

Alright I think I’m going to get a Dv888