Should I get a....


I know these yoyos are completely different but I found all of them in the same price range.

So question is, which one would you prefer? I’d prefer the full sized or something slightly under.

I want to ask
HOW DID YOU FIND A $65 MVP?! pm me the store
Or did you find a $110 DV888 and California
Then I want to say, RIP OFF!

Ok well back on topic
If you want oversized MVP is the biggest
The DV888 is smallest at 50mm in diameter so it is undersized
California is mid-sized at 53mm in diameter

I would go with the DV888 in my prefrences

Well, the MVP’s actually $70 haha.

But this is going to be my first all metal yoyo so I wanna make sure I’m gonna stick with one for the longest amount of time possible.

can we get anymore prefrences
like weight, shape?

I’m fine the weight and shape of these, but I’m just having a hard time choosing. :stuck_out_tongue:

where did you find mvp for 70???

Another site had them on sale for a day or 2. I think it was the 4th of July sale.

The MVP is oversized. The California has more of a rounded shape and is kind of like a Tactic shape. The Dv888 has slightly sharper rims and I think has a more comfortable feel in the hand. In my preferences I would get a Dv888. If you are going to get a Dv888, I would wait until Yoyofactory has a run of them for $50 according to their website. I think you should get a Dv888.

I’m buying a dv888 from someone. It’s mint and gold. For $50, but do you think I should wait it out?