How Can You make an Axiom sleep longer?

How Can You make an Axiom sleep longer?

I noticed in another thread that someone was having trouble with the flush silicone response on their Legacy where the adhesive backing was still on the silicone o-rings. I checked it out on my Axiom and the same thing was present. If you use a safety pin or something similar, peel the o-ring out of the recessed area and peel off the white backing, then reseat the rings. This helped my Axiom bind a good bit tighter, and I’m able to get stronger throws. Thus, longer sleep times.

How long is yours sleeping?
Do you still have the stock bearing?
I replaced mine with a KK.

It’s not mine but my friend’s and he still has the stock bearing in it he’s getting a kk. HE gets a 1 minute 30 second sleeper

wyatt1997 you have been inactive for quite a while, what happend? and have you had fun with your GM2?

has he ever cleaned it? if not try cleaning and thin lubing. Later and remember keep it spinning.

Or he could try using the yoyo a little more just to break in a bearing. I always find breaking in a yoyo is more satisfactory than cleaning one. Plus cleaning can cause rust if you don’t use the right stuff.