How can I fix this problem with a yoyo video?

The video before I edited it was 20 Mb, after I edited it, (I only changed when did it start and when did it end) takes up 86Mb and plays like that, is there some free video edditing sofeware that can make edit the video without those problems?

i don’t know, but you need to see your face at 00:04. It looks awsome!

My face was like that becuase I was really frustrated because I had done too many times so sort mistake in the combo because my hands were sweatty, so I had to put a glove and I was really angry.

Now I think I know why the video looks like that, the video camera filmed the video a x frames per second and the editing sofeware most have changed the number of FPS, I was using Video Impression 2 .

yah, my face can look pretty strange when i throw hard… Btw no need to double post, you can use the modify button in the top right corner of your post box and just add the message onto your last post.

Sorry about the double posting.

Here is the video, with out the problems, to fix them I used windows movie maker.