Hot Shot help

i just got my hot shot a few hours ago and i love it but its too responsive and i wanna know how to change the spacers from the ones that came on it to the thicker ones


It might be responsive because there is too much lube in it and you need to break it in. Also, to change the spacers, I would unscrew the axle and pop out the bearing and put the spacers in where the bearing is supposed to be and then place the bearing on top. I will look for that video that teaches you.

Addition: Here’s a video explaining how to use spacers.

heres the video

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thanks i had seen that video but not all of it i just skipped to the playing

i’ve had 2 hot shots and i can tell you they require breaking in. not just the bearing but the o rings as well. once it’s broken in it’s a good throw for the money.

well when i got it i threw a good sleeper and it slept for 50 seconds and then i replaced the spacers and it went uresponsive so right now i have an uresponsive hot shot with a good gap

cool. i had to break mine in before they were good and unresponsive. it took a few days before i could do slacks or whips because the string kept binding. now it’s one of my favorite throws (my first one broke) and it’s my carry around yoyo.