I find that a lot of people don’t do 90 degree horizontals, but usually 45 degree.  I generally do 80 degrees or so when doing horizontals.  You can look at a lot of the pros and you can see that they don’t know how to do good horizontals either.  Of course the combos they do are hard, but they’re not horizontal.  Gentry is a good example of a good horizontal player.  He puts it at a very good angle, and what’s more his combos are crazy long for that angle.  I usually find after ten seconds of a horizontal combo that the yoyo is turning me around or that the spin is running out.  So what’s my point.  I’m not sure.  I just wanted to see what you guys think.

^^^^ = good horizontal combo.

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Mickey’s are pretty close if I remember correctly.


Yep, and long, they just lack the originality of gentry… IMO

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Back when I used to throw a lot, I used to throw quite horizontally. Of course, practicing them on a Lyn didn’t hurt much either.


HOW. I can’t do horizontal on my Lyn fury for the life of me. Especially with a flat bearing

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If you’re good enough, you can do just about anything on a Lyn. The only real difference is that the Lyn forces you to be much better than say an Avalanche. The main reason its so difficult with the Lyn is because of the highwall, and low stability. If you make sure that the angle of the yoyo matches the angle of the string, than it’s nearly the same as any more stable yoyo (minus the shorter spin times).


I use my Lyn fury to practice my technique once or twice a week but a I just can’t do horizontal with it xD I can do all my other tricks with it :stuck_out_tongue:


You need to move quickly to keep the yoyo horizontal. I personally need to get a long spinning, low-walled yoyo. Don’t really have one yet.


Move quickly and keep your hands movement in the same plane as the yoyo. Chia, Mickey, Marcus Koh, and Gentry are good examples. More examples are Sora Ishikawa’s 5A and Shinya Kido off the top of my head. I can do front style completely horizontal and my normal horizontal almost completely horizontal. I cant for the life of me do behind the back completely horizontal only about 45 degrees very sloppily


I suck so bad at horizontal. So bad. I just can’t get it to click. Most days I’m lucky to do a banana turnover at 45-60 degrees.


Can’t help but look at your avatar and laugh :slight_smile:


Same here. Except I can do behind the back at a greater angle but only for maybe five to ten seconds.


Most of the time I throw at 45 initially and gradually tweak it to 80+ when the speed catches up. The type of the trick also matters as in a brain twister/gerbil/hops combo you can easily go at any angle, while red halo variations require you to keep the angle the yoyo is originally thrwon at. Iv also yet to see anyone doing a 80+ horizontal laceration/hook/suicide.


Eric Koloski’s laceration thing.


I dont get much cooler than a jade whip to suicide when it comes to horizontal .-. But yeah, at least 70 degrees is a must to me.


I do Hook 1.5s and hooks into flourishes. A part of my twist on Red Halo is reversing the motion from going to the right to the left and doing an rt suicide.

Also look up Keisuke Yoshinaga. He has a promo vid for a japanese store and he’s insane with suicides, including almost completely horizontal ones.

What I’m working on is landing a Hook behind the back so I can try it off axis immediately into rolls. I also do horizontal revolutions to catching the slack behind your back which is kinda a cheap way into behind the back for me haha


You know what I really want to do? At my next contest do a whole horizontal prelim.


One throw :smiley:


Not one throw silly :smiley:


Use a Popstar, GIT GUD! J/k.

I don’t even horizontal, bro. Where does one learn to do horizontal? It boggles my mind.