Horizontal Revolutions


Can someone Explain to me how to keep the yoyo from falling out of the strings. I ask this because I always have the yoyo drop out of the strings.

(JonasK) #2

You have keep the yoyo swinging around at a good speed. It takes a lot of practice to get it down. That said, I haven’t really gotten it down yet, still working on getting a good exit.


i have got a tutorial on my chanell (Jeffatonians)

To stop it from rejecting out, you must wait untill the yoyo is dead horizontal, if it is off by a couple degrees it will reject out hope this helps

MAKE SURE IT IS DEAD HORIZONTAL exaggerate if you must


Brandon’s tut does it all. To the OP, thanks for asking. To Brandon, thanks for the tut.


Horizontal isn’t easy… Best thing is to put in your hours… Another trick is to slowly go from vertical, to varying diagonals to horizontal axis