Horizontal problems


Yeah another one of these threads :-X
Whenever I do horizontal, I always find that the yoyo falls way faster than I think it should. Also, I usually find myself not being able to bind fast enough from dismounting from a trapeze because I have to take my index finger out of the trapeze and reposition it on the other side of the string. I’ve tried using my thumb to bind instead and it seems to work better. Should I stick with it?

A noob vertax player 8)

Here’s a vid of me doing turnovers. They feel really not-smooth and when I look at the video, I feel like I’m doing too much vertical movement with my NTH causing the yoyo to rise and fall a lot…

Feedback is appreciated!


(velez_adrian) #2

Always keep your fingers straight up and you want the yoyo more horizontal. The more horizontal it is, the easier it is to control it. And also try keeping the yoyo eye level for some strange reason so you don’t hit anything else except you head.

(velez_adrian) #3

Also stick with whatever works with you for binding. It doesn’t really matter

(JosephP) #4

Have you tried using your middle finger?


I don’t quite get what you mean by that.


Thanks I’ve been consciously trying that more and it’s definitely helping.

I guess I mean that I can’t seem to keep it in moving horizontally at head level. It falls down and I lose control of it.


do your horizontal yoyo while yo-yoing normally and get it down to the point where you can do it fast. also try binding with your middle finger


Yeah I know that already. Definitely getting used to binding with my middle finger and it’s helping a lot :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep moving