horizontal help

so, ive decided to learn horizontals,

  1. Capable yoyo, check

  2. New silicone, check

  3. skills, no check

I have this question, how do I throw the darn thing? I always throw it perfectly horizontal over my head, but it continues to die on me…Is this the proper way to throw?

Can you do the tricks you’re trying to do with your eyes closed regular style? If not, you should probably work on that.

As far as throwing, just tilt your hand sideways and throw at an angle. You don’t need to throw over your head or whatever.

Throw like you do on a UFO…

yeah… try to throw a sideways breakaway, then do all your tricks really fast…

I can do some of my stuff eyes closed and pretty fast eyes open.

If you are learning how to yoyo horizontally, don’t throw it perfectly horizontal. Try about halfway in between normal and horizontal. When you get better, throw perfectly horizontal instead.

Practice Practice Practice ;D

ok, so I realised only about 1/10 of my throws are horizontals, the rest are slightly tilted breakaways :’(

Sounds to me like you don’t know what horizontal is.

If you want to throw completely sideways, tilt your body so that your arm moves sideways instead of up and down. I’ll try to find this video with exactly what I’m talking about. But just throw it sideways.

I hold my yoyo sorta like how you hold a yoyo for 5A with it like on top of your hand instead of inside… Tilt your wrist and throw…

Exactly what I do. Nice job explaining it man. :wink: