How do you learn horizontal throws?

I need help!!!

Practice practice practice… And then practice some more homie… Thats all there is to it. Learn a smooth trick vertically, and perfect it, and then just work on doing it sideways, the same way you learn any trick, just take it step by step…

As far as the throw itself I hold the yoyo like I’m playing 5A and then just turn my hand so its sideways

read the topic.

Sideway Yo-Yo Play, by mastersage.

its got a good video with jensen kimmit. once you learn the basics try adding more to it, tricks that you can do fast are easier than slacks or wristmount type tricks

Practice doing a horizontal trapeze over and over. After that you can basically make up any trick that you like, and do it horizontally; that’s how I learned.

Horizontal play is very difficult, so practice is 100% needed. To start though, I would throw the yo-yo a little bit diagonally, and then slowly throw it more and more diagonal till it’s near horizontal. Get used to it in baby steps!

Practice throwing it sideways.