Horizontal Finger Grind

Looking to learn how to do this trick. Do I need a specific yoyo to do this trick? like something with hubstacks? I dont actually know the name of the trick but the title should explain it. In more detail, its like spinning a basketball on ur index except with a yoyo.

Like Paul kerbals world semi finals? Except just a finger grind?

like this? I have no idea

You toss it horizontally…

Then you catch it on your finger…

Look at Takeshi Matsuura 1a worlds 2012.

Yea that video is exactly what Im looking for. Can u do it with any yoyo? Or is it better to find a yoyo with a flat Outer inner surface (er the inside of the outer yoyo?) or maybe a slightly grooved center?

you can do it with yoyos that don’t have matador spikes, or open hubs. the Darksonic has a little dent in it made specifically for that trick. but it’s not the only throw out there that you can do that with