Horizon, Shu-ta, or Diffusion?


Just looking for a new throw to mess around with, I don’t really NEED any of these for advancing with anything. I want the Horizon because I heard it fingerspins for days, and spins really long, The Shu-Ta because I love the Shutter, and I want to try something 7075, and the Diffusion because everyone is saying it’s the best full plastic ever. I will eventually get them all, but I want your guys opinions on what I should get first.



If you’re planning on getting them all anyways, i would start with the most expensive yoyo and work my way down!


Wait what company makes the horizon?


Yyf does.


Ok thank you.

And OP: If you already have a shutter I would skip the shut-ta.


Have you even thrown them both? They’re different enough to own both if you haven’t.

I’d probly start with the horizon followed by the shu-ta and then the diffusion. Wait for the white diffusions to come in stock :slight_smile: Don’t forget yoyofactory is releasing a new throw very soon so you may end up wanting that.


Yeah, I’ll wait for the white Diffusion. I saw it on YYR’s Instagram, but I don’t know when it’s coming out. I saw the blue one is here already. The clear one looks awesome, but it’s sold out.


Also, I do have a Shutter, but all the improvements listed by YYF are ones I wanted to happen to the Shutter.


Oh ok then. I guess you can do whatever you want :D. I’ve heard great things about the diffusion, not much about the horizon.