Horizon and shutter or protostar and northstar


I’m leaning towards the protostar and northstar; can they keep up with these newer designs? Although I may not be the best at it, I like to experiment with horizontal play. Can the plastics that I’ve selected handle horizontal as well as the metals?


I feel the shutter alone is better than most yo-yos under $100. I’d say the shutter plays better than both the north star and protostar. If i was you I’d just get the shutter.


Why not one of each so you have both plastic and metal


Yyr diffusion



If you were just looking and platics, then yes, the diffusion would probably be a better voice than both the superstar and North Star.

But since we have 2 other great yoyos, I don’t think suggeting the diffusion would be very relevant.

Again, all preferences. The shutter was my first metal, and competition yoyo. I loved it ever since the order throw and it will remain as one of my everyday throws.
But the horizon , I haven’t played. It looks sick for horizontal and finger spins, but I kinda hate oversized yoyos(except the Equilateral) and is pretty heavy.

So really it’s all preference. To answer your questions about the playability o the plastics compared to the metals, its mostly skill of your horizontal, but it will definitely be easier on a horizon/shutter, IMO.


With the horizon now being out of stock, how is the czm8 for horizontal and finger spins?


It would be pretty good, but if you are gonna choose another yoyo, i would HIGHLY
reccomend the PulseFire, signature throw of Tyler Hsieh(aznyuan)
Plays Fast, Stable, Light, and can finger spin really well


Where would one fine a PulseFire?

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Maybe you should get a shutter and a protostar.


Ill send you the link for it via message, as im nto sure if im allowed to directly put the link in the forums.

IMO, i would say you should rather get a Diffusion(v.2).
About same cost, but the diffusion probably outplay the protostar in every way