homemade string question


So I just successfully made my own custom string!!! I am so psyched! HOWEVER: it just will not bind properly. It feels and looks amazing but it plays a liiiiiiittle bit rough and it won’t bind, it takes three or four tries before it finally grabs.

So my question is: exactly what am I doing wrong? I know I’m making it right but I think that its the wrong thread maybe? I’m using 100% polyester thread which I thought was correct but again, it won’t bind. So anyone have some tips?


Here are a few pics of the string. The first couple pics are of my pink string that is so bright it glows when sunlight hits it lol and the third is a pink yellow mix that is pretty awesome, but the problem again is the binding thing, the yellow binds a little bit better than the pink and the pink is suuuuuper rough and plastic-y feeling.


The pink is probably carbonal(something like that, forgot the exact name) thread, a different type of poly that is very whippy and plasticky feeling. It’s the type of thread used by Toxic strings in some(all?) of their strings. These are a little more slippy on binds so just make it thicker.


Do they look good otherwise though?


Those look pretty plasticky. They’re probably trilobal or similar, which should make them play pretty well, but rough, and maybe bad at tension. Really whippy and durable, though. Is that how they play? Where did you get the thread?

Just make them thicker or tighter.


Trilobal! That’s what it’s called haha :smiley:


YEA! That’s what it is! So which thread would be ideal to get next time? What is the slowest to something like YYE’s string?


Is there a tutorial thread or video on how to make string? I’d love to know.


okay so i made one with 16 threads and it worked great! but yet another problem: tension. the tension is HORRIBLE! so what kind of polyester thread should i be using to get as close to manufactured string as possible??



I use Coats and Clark’s Polyester thread, because its the cheapest Joan’s fabrics had. It’s whippy and extremely durable, but doesn’t hold tension well.

A lot of people use this. I’ve never tried it. Most string makers keep their recipes a secret.


I very much dislike trilobal-based strings. At best, try using it in a blend. Pure trilobal is ick.

(your mileage may vary)


Thanks bro, I got it down now, Y³ is in the string biz! Lol I have a few different blends I’m using right now

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Roughness usually comes from the material especially the dye they used, some colors tend to be softer than the other.
I don’t really understand the question about tension problem, I think it’s more on the yoyoer side than the string itself, however looser string should be more forgiving to tension changes at the expense of less “full” feeling, if that’s what you asked.


No. Tension is heavily-based on the material of the string.