Thread for YoYo String?

Ok, I can see all of the “how to make yoyo string” posts and vids, but is there a size or type of thread I should use? I have a spool of Coats & Clarks 100% Trilobal Poly Embroidery thread but I feel it’s kind of thin. Any suggestions?

This is what makes string making fun… and expensive. Experiment with your strings. Just keep on making ifferent strings and don’t stop until you find the perfect tension and the perfect blend/material.

If you are ever going to sell strings, wait until you’ve got the string you’ve always been looking for.

Ya, I feel like the 100% Trilobal Poly Embroidery is too slick and doesn’t twist together well, but then again I don’t have a drill so I might not be twisting it enough either. If you or anyone else has any preference on brand or kind of string let me know because I feel that the Poly Embroidery just doesn’t cut it for string.

You do what you want with it. Experiment if need be. Use different types of thread, different numbers of laps down and back, try to get ahold of a drill…