homebrew dark magic

I had an old pro fly, dragon fly,and a pair of dm rings.I cut the rims off the Duncan’s to accept the rings attached the rings and cut the body to match the rings.Then i put an spr in it and cut down the hubs.Then i had a custom yoyo.(iff you comming to ser i will be using it on stage then selling it or giving it away)

that looks awesome. :slight_smile:

how bad is the vibe on that.

little medium

How does it play? I want one ;D.

It playes great acutely has no vibe it has little wobble due to the fact new new lathe hasnt come yet so the spr is at an angle i will fix this when my new lathe comes it plays like a regular dm.

@yoyofoot r u coming to south east regionals?

Not the prettiest yoyo thats for sure… but nice mod.

It hardly looks like a DM at all, i’d just call it a homebrew metal hybrid. It does look very nice though, good work.

It more resembles an SR-71 in horrible condition.

I agree.

No. Probably the Texas state competition, though. I wish I could :(…

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Is it really that big of a deal? I didnt think, Wow. That is terrible. Hes talking in HIS thread. Its not a problem. No need to play moderator.

He’s not playing mod.
This thread is for discussion of said yoyo, no matter what. Sorry.
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I hate to repeat what was said but just for clarification, this is a forum and discussion is meant in the appropriate threads or private messages. If you want a mod or an admin to reassure you that can be arranged. :slight_smile:

You guys are right. I just… eh, i dont know. But you guys are right. I just dont think its the biggest deal that one guy asked if anothers going to a contest. But I understand the rules. And i read the whole rule page thing before I made my first post. And I know that it should be held to pms. So, thanks for correcting me.