Hmmm...decisions decisions

I may get a new throw in the near future, and was wondering what you guys thought. Price range: 0-150 undersized, and I love the shape of the narwhal, g5, and protostar. I want it to be on the heavier side.
Tom Srebernak

Protege (undersized metal protostar), Yuksta(undersized genesis), Stryker. Have you tried a shape like the DV888 or Half and Half, I tried the DV888 and its shape was very comfortable.

I actually have a dv888. When is the yukksta gonna be released?

yuuksta already released… I suggest turning point leviathan II

genesis, Protoge, northstar, yukksta, NVX. you seem to like the H shaped and the slightly rounder V shapes.

Where can I get a northstar or yukksta? I couldn’t find the on yye

yuuksta is on yoyoexpert… It’s on the front page. Northstar isnt on here though