Looking for an upgrade

Looking for a big yo, large gap, H shaped. I have used a Protostar almost since my beginning and I think it’s a really good yo, but I’m looking for a metal one this time, similar to the proto.

My choice atm : Superstar, Genesis, MVP, Severe, Skyline
I dont know really; I’m looking for a metal proto lol.

if you want a metal protostar, than the severe would be a perfect choice. the new 2010 severe is coming out really soon, so you might want to pickup one of those.

What’s your price range

Any, I don’t really care about the price. The only thing I want is one that is the most similar to the proto, I havent tried any of those but the shape / diameter of those are mostly like it.

get a superstar its just a metal version protostar with less sharp edges

Actually, it’s not.

Jonny Rocks is right, a 2010 Severe would be a perfect choice for an all metal ProtoStar. The Superstar is a pretty decent choice, also.