so i want an upgrade from my current protostar and i like the size and feel of it so I am looking for something a bit similar also I want to upgrade to a full medal that’s not too expensive

the Protoge is a metal protostar basically. it is in the fundametal series so it should be in the 60-70 range. it is not out yet though…

The Protege really isn’t like the ProtoStar. The ProtoStar has sharper rim weights, and just a different feel and shape. I suggest getting a Lunatic. They have a different shape, but when I use it, it’s an easy adjust from my ProtoStar. And the Lunatic is cheap too, because it’s a FundaMetal. But that’s my preferences. :wink:

Sounds good. Any of the yoyos you decide one will be great. Not really an upgrade, just a difference, but whatever.

i recomend a genesis there really stable and the rims are almost alike

The Protege (when it comes out) or the '09 Severe is as close as you’ll get to an all metal Protostar. The 2010 Severe is kinda kinda like it.