so i want an upgrade from my current protostar and i like the size and feel of it so I am looking for something a bit similar also I want to upgrade to a full medal that’s not too expensive

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the Protoge is a metal protostar basically. it is in the fundametal series so it should be in the 60-70 range. it is not out yet though…


The Protege really isn’t like the ProtoStar. The ProtoStar has sharper rim weights, and just a different feel and shape. I suggest getting a Lunatic. They have a different shape, but when I use it, it’s an easy adjust from my ProtoStar. And the Lunatic is cheap too, because it’s a FundaMetal. But that’s my preferences. :wink:


Sounds good. Any of the yoyos you decide one will be great. Not really an upgrade, just a difference, but whatever.


i recomend a genesis there really stable and the rims are almost alike

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The Protege (when it comes out) or the '09 Severe is as close as you’ll get to an all metal Protostar. The 2010 Severe is kinda kinda like it.