Metal that plays/feels like a protostar?


Hi, so I’m looking for a metal that plays and/or feels like a protostar. I love the protostar, but I really dislike the feel of plastic when I’m throwing, especially because I accidentally touch the yoyo with my hand while I throw sometimes, and I just like the experience of a metal more.

Any suggestions?


Supernova comes to mind


The CZM8 seems pretty accurate to your wants, considering how I’m pretty sure its design was based slightly on the Rockstar


Nothing really feels like a protostar to me. I like the feel of the superstar but it really isn’t the same as a protostar. I can’t really say for better or for worse, it’s just different. I love protostars more than most metals.

not too sure about this^^, but supernovas are very comfortable. If you’re looking for solid performers with the same basic shape as a protostar, look into the superstar, genesis and supernova. All based off the H.

The shape of the czm8 is very similar to the protostar, but I haven’t read any convincing reviews on it yet, so I Dont know. look for reviews before you buy ANYTHING


I would go with the Supernova. The difference between that and a Rockstar is that the Supernova has a “step” in the gap, and because of that it is slightly wider. Also, it is not metal, but check out the Severe. The machined delrin has a much better grind surface and is much more forgiving when you touch it. It fact, the texture on the Onestar is more forgiving, too.


2009 Severe



(Owen) #8

The Rockstar for sure.