Starlite Vs. Protostar.

I just bought my first starlite. I have never owned a protostar in the past and have never played one. But after buying a starlite I am seriously debating buying one. What is everyone else’s opinion on the protostar compared to the starlite?

Starlite > Protostar > Northstar

the protostar is a bit heavier than starlite they play just like a protostar only really diffrence sound of protostar seems to get louder after a while dosent effect play but people sometimes gets mad at it.

the starlite has plastic weight rims when protostar has metal weight rims. i would choose protostar over lots of yoyos tactic dv888 and other metals and yoyos.although its hard to choose over each one but i have to say protostar.i have both so i play with both alot they are both really fun. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

I originally got the Starlite for raves and Dubstep shows lol. So it should be usefull.

Starlite is the only plastic I play anymore, not sure you need another plastic (edit, typed “metal” I meant “plastic”) once you got one of these (lite/proto/north)

Why did they never make a metal version?

Rockstar might be considered some metal version of them, no?

I might be wrong tho…

No, you’re right. Rockstar is a metal protostar

Protostar > Northstar > Starlite

Hands down, Protostar. I like it because it’s heavier. 8)

all in all they’re all good plastics, can’t go wrong with any

but starlite is GITD ^^

Unless you’re in LOVE with the starlite/protostar’s shape, I wouldn’t get the protostar.
I’d get something completely different, for variety. There might be a shape/texture/weight that you will like more.

I actually hate the shape of the starlite, as well as how it feels, so toy-ish. but it plays like a charm and it glows in the dark ;D

the stralite is pretty awesome. Like everyone says. Plays like a protostar but 10 dollars cheaper, and people say the protostar is better. And then there is the northstar. Which is like the awesomest plastic, which is what everyone says. I have a starlite but for my next 2 purchases, they might be a protostar, then northstar.