American Metal Protostar

Does anyone have any suggestions for an American made throw that feels like and has similar dimensions to the Protostar? I love the Protostar and I always come back to it, but I’d like to have a metal equivalent, just because. Does anyone have any suggestions? Preferably something grindable. I was thinking a Code 1 but never handled it. I’m developing a collection of yoyos that sit around because my $35 plastic is my general preference. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I don’t know of an American made equivalent… But if you like the Protostar, you will LOVE the Catalyst.

Model 10

Some of these aren’t American made, but the One Drop Code 2, CLYW Avalanche, CLYW & One Drop Summit, General Yo Model 10 and YYF Rockstar all take after the shape of the Protostar.

Don’t see why it has to be american made, but hey.


The 2012 version is identical size and shape.

Also made in Arizona (which hasn’t left the union yet making it part of America currently).


Wow I didn’t know that. The part about it being made in Arizona. Lol about it not leaving the union yet. I’m in Texas and they make us seem left wing.

The rockstar is a metal protostar, made in America!!!

You may like the Supernova.

Trying to check out the rockstar here and it appears as if the link to the yoyo is broken.

Czech Mate (available next week) is another that fits the bill. profile a little different but weighting feels more like a protostar than even a rockstar (also made in the lands that were once Apache).

Yeah I looked around and there are not a lot of places to find them new